In 2017, 12 organizations were awarded grants totaling over $50,000 at the RSF Garden Club’s Annual meeting held on May 25th. The funds distributed will be used for projects that promote charitable horticulture and charitable conservation in Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding communities. Recipients were selected from a group of local 501c3 non-profit organizations who responded to the club’s request for proposals. The RSF Garden Club Grant Committee worked very hard to go through the 27 proposals that were submitted, conducting site visits, and determining which organizations should be awarded the funds this year.

Friends of San Pasqual Academy – $10,000

The Friends of San Pasqual Academy will use the funds to establish a Serenity Garden for the foster teens of San Pasqual Academy. Additionally funds will be used to support the 2017 growing season for the Academy’s Agricultural Program.

RSF Association Osuna Adobe – $10,000

The RSF Foundation will use the funds to build on the native/historic landscaping already made possible by prior grants with drought tolerant plants. Additionally the project will extend the trail system through the north hillside to expand the area available for visitors to walk, gather or sit.

RSF Association Arroyo Property – $7,300

The RSF Foundation will use the funds to create a demonstration garden of native trees and shrubs along the road leading to the entrance of the camp ground. Native and drought tolerant plants and educational signage will be incorporated into the landscape to provide a welcoming and engaging experience for community members.

Children’s Discovery Museum – $7,300

The Children’s Museum will use funds to expand, improve and maintain their exhibits and expand their daily garden programs to give children more opportunity to learn about nature and gardening.

Hope Elementary – $4,500

Hope Elementary will use the funds to enhance and complete their Native Habitat Garden which will serve as an outdoor classroom. They currently have bench/tables and shade panels, and will use the funds to complete the garden. This garden will be used to implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for grades 3-5.

Ecolife – $3,500

Ecolife will use funds to provide 10 Aquaponics kits and curriculum to 10 schools in disadvantaged communities. These kits and curriculum provide environmental and STEM learning opportunities in individual classrooms in addition to teaching sustainable farming.

Aviara Oaks Elementary – $3,000

Aviara Oaks will use the funds to restart and enhance a dormant garden that consists of a gated area with an outdoor classroom which includes stump seating and 6 empty raised beds. They will use the garden for a science lab, edible garden, student run farmer’s market, as well as for a place of inquiry for scientific and environmental questions.

RSF Foundation/Roger Rowe Elementary – $2,000

Roger Rowe will use the funds to enhance their current Gardening Program, which includes a lunch club program, use for the science classes and a community restoration project. They will utilize the enhanced garden to teach modern concepts of horticulture, conservation and healthy eating.

Buena Vista Elementary – $1,822

Buena Vista will use the requested funds to rebuild their flower and vegetable gardens that were lost during plumbing repairs to the school building. The garden provides an outdoor classroom for science learning experiments for K-5 students.

Park Dale Elementary – $1,475

The Park Dale Lane Science Program and the PD Kids Pay It Forward Community Service are combing forces to create the PKL Community Service Garden Project. They are building four new garden beds (serviced by a new large 650 gallon rain barrel) that will be used to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for our students to harvest, prepare and share with guests of the Encinitas Fill-A-Belly program.

Carmel Creek Elementary – $1,000

Carmel Creek  received money from RSFGC last year to start their garden. This garden is used as an outdoor classroom for all levels. They will use funds to complete the garden by adding benches for the students to sit on or use as tables to facilitate the lessons. In addition to the benches, they will be creating a pollinator garden.

San Elijo Conservancy – $832

The Conservancy will use the funds to complete the installation of the Butterfly and Pollinator Educational Amphitheater. Students at R. Roger Rowe will be involved in the project, removing non-native plants and installing plants for the pollinator garden in conjunction with their ecosystem.


To apply for a 2018 Grant Award Click the  link below

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